Mentoring: 100 days of 1-on-1 Business Transformation Support

Every top athlete has a coach to help them achieve the highest level of performance possible. Business owners and Entrepreneurs are no different. We all need to be challenged, guided, held accountable and encouraged to achieve the very best we can.

I work on transforming the business owner themselves, as much as the business performance. I don’t catch fish for you, I show you how to catch fish and live life.

My business mentoring service is limited to only 6 business owners at any one time as it’s as intensive for me as it is for you.

This is a 100-day coaching / mentoring program and you will see significant transformation in your business and the way you run it during the 100 days.

We will work together to:-
1. understand your biggest business challenges and
2. co-create a strategy to transform your performance & improve the profitability & value of your business
3. co-create a purpose greater than just profit that you are passionate about & which inspires you and your team
4. co-create a stronger connection with your community which allows you to give something back
5. systemise your business so you can reduce stress & live the life you desire

My Mentoring Service includes the following benefits:-

Co-creation of a strategic masterplan for you and your business
100 days of mentoring, with weekly one-on-one mentoring sessions
100 days of on-call support with responses to all queries within 24 hours
100 days online access to downloadable tools including self-help instructional videos, checklists & more
Access to my exclusive weekly performance management Masterclass webinar

$49.95 per day for 100 days
Either a single payment in advance or click here for payment options