Make More Money (Profitability) & Create More Time (Livability)

Multi-Site Senior Leaders

What does Performance Transformation mean for Senior Executive Leaders in Multi-site Hospitality Groups, Tourism, Food & Beverage Businesses? What’s possible?

☑ Whether you’re the CEO, COO or a Regional/Area Manager (or one of those roles is your goal) getting clear on your vision, values & strategy is key to making transformational performance improvement. 

☑ Having been a corporate marketing director & CEO and an Entrepreneur & multiple Business Owner, David has valuable experience, skills, and knowledge which he is offering in a range of delivery methods to help you transform your performance. 

☑ Having somebody with this level of experience support you, back you, be your sounding board and hold you accountable for what you say you’re going to do, is all part of helping you transform performance in business & life. 

☑ Putting your health & wellbeing first is the single most important decision you will make to ensure you can look after your loved ones and deliver the performance in your business that’s expected. Putting strategies in place to have you look after yourself is top of our list. 

☑ We focus on transforming business AND life performance. Creating the life you truly desire is at the centre of our work. Live the life you want and spend time with loved ones and doing the things you’re passionate about.  


SME Business Owners

What does Performance Transformation mean for Business Owners? These results are achievable within 100 days for most venue business owners. 

☑  We’ll analyse your business to identify the most effective revenue growth strategies. For most hospitality businesses we will target 10-20% sales growth. We’ll also identify your target customer and focus our efforts on attracting new & retaining existing target customers.

☑  Through a combination of growing sales, optimising margins & costs you’ll increase your profit conversion significantly. Many hospitality businesses see profit increases of 50%+ through effective execution of these sales growth & profit conversion strategies. 

☑  For most hospitality businesses in Australia, the value of your business will be 2-3 times your operating or cash profit (EBITDA). You could see the value of your business increase by 50%+ when you are able to show your monthly improvements over a 6-12 month period. 

☑  I’m also here to help you improve your ‘livability’ by freeing-up your time through systemising and creating processes, routines and rituals which enable you to work on your business and live the life you desire, spending time with the people you love, doing the things you’re passionate about. 

☑  Your health is your most important asset. When you’ve got strategies to ensure your health and wellbeing are your first priority you’ll get more done in less time, with less stress. Your own health really is the highest priority. Without it, nothing else works!

Performance Transformation for Business & Life.

Experience Performance Transformation in your business and your life now within 100 days. You will look back at your decision to begin your journey of transformation and be amazed at your results. Imagine taking 7 steps, each with 5-6 key actions which increase your business profitability / performance and free you up to live the life you want to lead.

For most hospitality business owners, you will be able to produce results which increase your revenue by at approximately 20%, your profit by at least 50% and the value of your business by at least 50%. For senior executives, you will exceed the KPIs you’re accountable for. Not only that, but your life will change. You will have more time, less stress and you will enjoy your relationships more and have time to do the things you love.

David offers different delivery methods (modes) allowing you to choose the mode that suits your time availability, your location and your budget. From online training programs to 1-on-1 mentoring & coaching, consulting or attending a workshop facilitated by David.  

Follow My 7 Steps
To Performance Transformation

And You Can Increase Revenue By 20% Within 100 Days*
Which Mostly Leads To Profit Increases Of At Least 50%* 
And Can Also Grow Your Business Value By At Least 50%*
*Typical hospitality business 

7 Steps To Business (& Life) Performance Transformation

Identify / Create The Opportunities For Revenue Growth
Identify Your Target Customer & How To Attract & Retain More Of Them
Action Your Traditional & Digital Marketing Strategies
Free-Up Your Time By Systemising Your Business Processes
Find / Develop Talent To Lead Your Business
Define & Create The Life You Really Want To Live
Create Accountability & Optimise Your Performance


The Clients I Choose To Work With Come Mostly, Though Not Exclusively, From These Areas

Multi-site Venue C-Suite Execs / Cafe Owners / Hotel Owners / Tourism Product Owners / Tourism Industry Execs / Winemakers / Restaurant Owners / Craft & Boutique Brewers / Large Brewery Executives / Food Supplier Owners & Execs / Beverage Supplier Owners & Execs / Quick Service Restaurant C-Suite Execs & Franchisees / Paddock-to-Plate Suppliers / Hospitality & Tourism Service Providers & Equipment Supplier Business Owners & Execs / Hospitality, Tourism, Food & Beverage Industry Associations Executive Leadership / Accountants & Lawyers Specialising In Hospitality & Tourism / Property Developers Creating Hospitality & Tourism Offers

Your mentor, coach, facilitator, consultant, trainer & speaker.....

David Carruthers

David Carruthers is committed to helping you get the most out of your business and your life. David is passionate about hospitality & tourism, food & beverages, and whilst that’s his core target market, he often works with amazing people outside those industries too.

When David helps you with your performance transformation, you’re getting 35 years of leadership experience from corporate CEO to entrepreneur, to being president of both business and tourism associations and engaging with Council CEOs and State Government ministers. You’re getting a postgraduate qualified strategic marketing professional with an MBA who has successfully operated at the sharp end of the corporate and entrepreneurial worlds. You’re also getting somebody who lives by his values and has a demonstrated track record of engaging with communities to give-back and support great causes.To ensure he is able to deliver to you his knowledge and support using the latest coaching, mentoring and training techniques, in 2016 David ‘went back to school’ to complete a Diploma in Leadership Coaching & Mentoring and a CERT IV in Training & Assessment. 

What Makes David Uniquely Valuable
To Help You?

Other than his unique sense of humour, which most, but not all ‘get’, David has a range of skills, experience and knowledge that many believe is unique to the Australian hospitality & tourism industries. 

David has been at the sharp end of business. As CEO of a 1200 employee hospitality company he recruited the senior management team, created the business systems to run multiple venues as a single company and dealt with the politics & agendas being driven by Group HQ. He has also been an entrepreneur, growing his own group very successfully for over ten years with assets of $10-12m until he was hospitalised 5 times in 2012-13. Having recovered his health, in 2015 he started the journey to build a consulting & mentoring practice’ to assist business owners & executive leaders transform their performance in business and in life. He ‘went back to school’ and added to his MBA and Post Grad Diploma in marketing, a CERT IV training & assessment and diploma in leadership coaching & mentoring. He also completed the Centre for Sustainable Leadership Future Leaders Program to add to his 2010 Melbourne Tourism Industry Leadership Program.

David has spent his entire career creating change, setting and achieving ‘big hairy’ goals and transforming performance with a focus on living life and engaging with communities. His own experiences in recent years have led him to get involved with Transparency International (global anti-corruption organisation) and he sits on their Victorian committee. He’s also involved with Liberty (Australian Civil Rights organisation). David’s values are integrity, authenticity, courage, compassion, freedom, creativity, leadership, justice, mastery, fun, family and love. Hopefully this helps give you a flavour of who he is. He’s a big believer in getting vision & values clearly understood and communicated to stakeholders. He also practices what he preaches!

David is not selling his services. If you’ve read this far, you’re most likely in need of some help to grow your business to the next level as a business owner or you’re looking to take a leap forward in your executive role and in both cases, you’re also seeking to get more out of life than just more work and you’re interested in giving back. If this is the case, then you’re David’s ideal client and we’re sure you’ll not only enjoy working with him, but also, you’ll spend the next few months on the most amazing journey of performance transformation in your business and in your life. 


Performance Transformation Delivery Methods

1:1 Mentoring

My mentoring program is designed for multi-site group executives and independent business owners who want to transform their business & life performance. Business owners will mostly increase profits by 50%+ within 100 days on this program. Multi-site group execs will be delivering big hairy goals they didn’t believe possible. In both cases, a significant focus will be placed on freeing up time to live life and spend time doing what’s important. 



Online Training

We run a 7 week online training program. Each week you attend an online live training / coaching session where David takes you through a number of tools that will help you significantly increase your revenue, profitability and therefore business value too. Each session will last approx 60 minutes including a questions & answers session. Maximum 12 participants per session. An online meeting link will be sent with your booking confirmation. 




In this half day workshop, you’ll discover the 7 Steps to Transform Your Business & Your Life. You’ll learn how to use each step and what actions you must take to get the results you want. If you execute the 7 Step Approach, you will learn how to increase your revenue by 20%, profit by 50%+ and business value by 50%+. In addition, you’ll free-up your time and create the life you really want to live.




I offer a limited amount of places on my Leadership Coaching Program for C-Suite Executives & Business Owners focused on Performance Transformation, Resilience & Integrity. I coach rather than mentor when dealing with more experienced executives & business owners. There’s lot’s of scope to help clients transform performance in business and in life. David is a qualified coach. 



David offers consulting & strategic advice to CEOs & Executive Leaders of multi-site groups and independent business owners. He can be retained as an Advisory or Non-Exec Board Member. He does short-term strategic projects, such as revenue growth, strategic marketing, acquisition, disposal & managing the portfolio tail and Interim CEO work. 



David is available for Keynote & TED-Style Talks. He is an inspiring speaker and focuses on business growth, strategy, systemisation, optimising performance, strategic marketing insights, industry trends, vision, values, performance transformation, integrity & resilience in business. He has a series of 20-45 minute Keynotes & TED-Style Talks on Performance Transformation. 


Feedback from people who have worked with David.....

Are you doing what you were put on this planet to do? Are you looking to transform your performance in your business & in your life? 

My Commitment To Your Transformation

David Carruthers

“I’ve spent my entire life from the age of 14 in leadership roles of one sort or another. When I was at Uni I was president of my Students Union, a long long time ago! Back then, mid 1980’s one of the campaigns we were active with was the “Free Nelson Mandela” campaign. Back then he had been locked up for many years for his activism and the words he spoke. Who would have believed back then that less than a decade later, he would become president, South Africa’s first black president, in a country that had been dogged by Apartheid for so many years. Anything is possible when you set your mind to it.  

I’m here to help you achieve your dreams, help you achieve what you want to achieve, to take your business to the next level and to start living your life, not sacrificing it. I’m here to show you the “AND” rather than the “OR”. You can have a business performing significantly better AND free-up time to live your life AND give-back to your community by supporting a cause AND creating a purpose greater than profit alone, which will inspire your staff, customers and suppliers. Whichever one of my programs you choose to help your transformation, I will help you to achieve more than you currently believe possible. I will also encourage you to find a purpose greater than profit alone and give back by finding a cause to support which will inspire you and those around you. 

Whichever one of my programs you choose to help your transformation, you have my personal commitment that I will help you to achieve more than you currently believe possible. I will help you make the impossible, possible. I will also encourage you to find a purpose greater than profit alone and give back by finding a cause to support which will inspire you and those around you. 

Whether you’re a Business Owner or a C-Suite Exec, this is a journey you will find inspiring, challenging and rewarding. My programs are not for people looking for incremental change, lifting profit by 2-3%. This program will enable you to take on challenges like doubling your business profit, spending 100% more time with your loved ones and raising money and awareness for a cause you feel passionately about. 

I’d also like to introduce you to B.E.N. which is a project I am founding this year – Business (R)Evolution Network – working through Council CEOs, Industry and Government to facilitate the invitation of business owners to a training program which empowers owners to engage with their community and find a cause to support which inspires a purpose greater than profit alone, which staff, customers and suppliers can all get behind and support. At the same time, the workshop offers a summary of the tools and techniques to improve business performance and live a happier, more joyful life. It’s my goal to bring 100 businesses together by 2018 to raise $1m for their local causes in 2018, so I’m talking to Council CEOs and Government Small Business Ministers right now to get their support. I’m offering Councils the opportunity to book a group workshop and invite business owners to attend, creating either free-to-business or subsidised places. Ask your Council when their course will be running if you can’t afford to attend one of my ‘public’ programs. Let’s work together to make BEN the business paradigm for the future.”

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