Make More Money : Make More Time : Make-A-Difference


You are a business owner / leader who wants to make more money so your business is more sustainable & more valuable, make more time so you enjoy living life and you want to make-a-difference in your community. 

WHO we serve:-

  • Business Owners & Senior Management Teams / Leaders
  • of Multi-site Operators & Larger End of ‘Small’ Businesses
  • in the Hospitality, Tourism, Food, Beverages & Retail Industries

WHAT problems we solve:-

  • You want more money – we have strategies to transform your profitability
  • You want more time – we have systems to reduce your time at work
  • You want to make-a-difference – we connect you to your community

“It’s my promise to you that if you’re ready and committed to coming on this transformational journey with me and you do the work required, you will transform the performance of your business & your life. You will also make a difference in your community which will inspire your customers, your staff, your suppliers and give you a reason to get out of bed in the mornings, other than just making money.”   David Carruthers

HOW we help:-

  • Depending on owner experience & specific problem
  • David works as a consultant, mentor or group coach
  • Providing 1-on-1 or group solutions to business owners
  • Based on budget, time availability, location & expertise

WHERE we work from:-

  • Based in Melbourne, travelling to Sydney, Brisbane & Canberra
  • and online services to any Australian or overseas location  
  • 2-day workshop program scheduled for all 4 cities in 2018 
  • Speaking engagements by arrangement 

WHAT is B.E.N:-

  • Business Evolution Network (B.E.N.) Program
  • Working through Councils & Industry Associations
  • to help businesses raise $1m for local causes this year
  • one-day workshop with take-home action plan
  • plus follow-up 1-on-1 mentoring session
  • plus 11 monthly online group coaching sessions

WHY David does what he does:-

David Carruthers is passionate about helping small-to-medium-sized business owners live amazing lives. In addition to running multiple businesses of his own, he volunteered as president of his business association for 4 years & president of a tourism association for 2 years. He built some serious expertise climbing the corporate ladder in large UK & Australian multi-site groups, becoming a successful, multiple-small-business-owner (multi-site operator) himself. Having built $10-12m of assets over a decade, David found himself hospitalised 5 times in 12 months and close to death in 2013. He lost pretty much everything he spent 35 years building at the hands of some ruthless people who saw his integrity as a threat and his determination to protect his suburb from inappropriate overdevelopment as a roadblock to making hundreds of millions in rezoning & development of land. His experiences, health recovery, resilience & determination to live the best life possible, in addition to his proven entrepreneurial ability & strategic marketing expertise, make him truly unique as your guide. David now chooses to work with business people who want to make more money, make more time to live their lives & make-a-difference in their communities. If this is you, then you’ve found the right man to help you transform your performance…..

Multi-site & Small Business Services

Getting Your Strategy & Systems Right To Optimise Performance

Business owners have different problems, time availability, budgets & locations. We have a range of services designed to solve the problems of making more money and making more time. Getting your strategy and systems right so you can optimise performance is the key. We can also show you how to make-a-difference in your community which inspires those around you.

The biggest question is,
“do you want to transform your business & life performance and make-a-difference in your community?”
If the answer is yes, then you’re ready to start a journey that will help you get the life you really desire & deserve.


Blog / FREE business development ideas

Subscribe FREE & receive your weekly blog articles with strategies, tips, processes & ideas to grow your profitability, live your life and make-a-difference in your community. 

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Online Small Business Consulting ‘Surgery’

Enabling small business owners to access big business consulting in bite-size windows with a ‘doctors-surgery-style’ 25-mins online consulting appointment.

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B.E.N. one-day workshop & follow-up support

Help raise $1m for local causes this year. One-day workshop, mentoring & access to 11 months online group coaching. Only available through Councils & Industry Associations. 

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2-day workshop: 7 steps to more profitability & livability

Designed for small business owners who want to transform their profitability & quality of life. Develop Action Plan. 2018 dates in Melbourne, Sydney & Brisbane.

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Mentoring & Coaching: One-on-One Packages

Depending on your level of business experience, David offers one-on-one mentoring OR coaching packages to get the business & life transformation in performance.

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Consulting with Multi-site / Larger Businesses

Specifically for larger or multi-site businesses, David’s day-rate consulting service will assist business owners/leaders transform performance. 

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Online Group Coaching / Training

Designed for busy, time poor small business owners, these online group coaching sessions are 45 minutes long and focus on specific areas of performance. 

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Public Speaking at Industry Conferences & Events

David has an inspiring & authentic message for business owners & leaders. Perfect for industry events & conferences as a keynote or seminar speaker. 

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David has a completely unique ‘cocktail’ of strategic & entrepreneurial skills, knowledge, experience & qualifications which make him an ideal mentor, coach, advisory board member, consultant and/or confidante to business owners & senior leadership teams. 



School & University

  • My own gardening business 2yrs
  • Manager petrol station group


  • Area Manager 25 venues
  • Marketing Manager 1,750 venues
  • Regional Director 
  • Marketing Director
  • CEO – Led the creation & operation of Australia’s 2nd largest venue group
  • 45 Victorian Acquisitions & Integrations
  • 280+ Refurbishments

Entrepreneurial / Business

  • Owned & operated 5 businesses
  • Property Investor – 9 properties
  • Consultant / mentor


  • Transparency International – Vic C’ttee
  • President St Kilda Business Assoc 4 yrs
  • President St Kilda Tourism Assoc 2 yrs
  • Board Port Phillip Eco-Centre 1 yr
  • Sacred Heart Mission fundraising 5 yrs
  • Vinnies CEO SleepOut 6 yrs
  • St Kilda Community Gdns Sponsor 9 yrs
  • St Kilda Film Festival Sponsor 10 yrs
  • Linden Postcard Show Sponsor 10 yrs
  • Challenge Kids Cancer Charity 15 yrs
  • 2500+ arts & music events over 12 yrs
  • Created investment consortium to help get ‘Coffin Rock’ feature film made 
  • Led 9,000 strong community campaign
  • Gave evidence at Parliamentary Inquiry
    against Gov’t giving 12 coastal Crown
    Land sites to private developers
  • Led creation of 500 strong biz owner GFC seminar
  • President / VP Uni Students Union 3 yrs


  • Higher National Diploma IT
  • Master Business Administration (MBA) 
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Marketing
  • Graduate Member of the Institute of Marketing
  • Group Training Techniques
  • Certified Coach
  • Diploma in Leadership Coaching & Mentoring
  • CERT IV TAE Training & Assessment
  • Melbourne Tourism Industry Leadership Program
  • Centre for Sustainability Leadership Future Leaders Program
  • Food Safety Supervisor
  • Victorian Liquor Licensee x 49
  • Landmark Curriculum for Living
  • Landmark Advanced Comms Courses
  • R2 Strengths Assessor
  • Thought Leaders Business School

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