David Carruthers & The 7 Steps Approach To Performance Transformation

The Who, What, Why, Where & When….


Who is David Carruthers?

Well, David is a 53 year old man living in Melbourne. He has three grown up children, Harriot 20, Edward 18 and Georgina 14. He is recently separated after 22 years. He has, in recent years, learnt to meditate, which he does daily and he lives very much in the present moment. In 2013 his life changed dramatically and his own journey over the last few years has been one of resilience, integrity, being grateful to be alive and finding the courage and determination to ‘get back on the horse’ and help others succeed in their own endeavours. 

Values & Approach To Business

This next section will help you work out if you’re a member of the same tribe as David, which helps you understand if you want to do business with him. 

David values integrity, honesty, fairness, leadership, justice, mastery, entrepreneurship, fun, love and family.

Transforming performance to ensure businesses are more sustainable, provide their owners with greater security, their employees with more secure employment and become a more valuable asset for the business owner to sell at some stage, are all important factors. But for David, as important, is creating a purpose greater than profit alone by engaging with community and running the business in such a way as to give the owner the life they desire, not make their life a sacrifice. This is what David’s 7 Step Approach to Performance Transformation is all about. 

He rejects the philosophy some business people hold that “it’s just business”, as they do something harmful or wrong to others. For instance, a company acquiring an aged care business and evicting the residents because they weren’t paying enough, is unacceptable to David, whilst some people say, “it’s just business”, to justify their own greed-fuelled behaviour. 

David believes if the Corporations Act was amended to include the clause, “no harm shall be done to others” then certain personality types wouldn’t be able to hide behind the corporate veil while they commit unethical and appalling acts.

David is a strong advocate for small business, which employs over 4 million people in Australia and is the engine room of the economy. Unlike large corporates, small business owners spend their hard-earned income locally and don’t send it off-shore. A lot of hospitality groups are classed as medium sized businesses and have senior management teams around the owner. 

Sadly, 80% of small business owners fail within 5 years, with a big chunk failing in the first year. Often, poor planning, unclear vision, goals, strategy, systems, managing performance and cashflow challenges cause most failures. His 7 Step program is all about changing that statistic and ensuring his clients aren’t a statistic. 


The 7 Steps Approach To Performance Transformation for Business & Life is really the culmination of 35 years research by David Carruthers. 


David has a strong desire to help people succeed. He has spent most of his adult life in the hospitality & tourism industries, in senior corporate roles and as an entrepreneur and business owner, so his primary focus is on helping business owners and senior executives in these industries, but he isn’t limited to them. There’s something about the fact that most businesses in these industries are designed to put smiles on their customers’ faces and be fun to work in, that makes them an attractive place for David to focus attention. 

Having gone through some serious trauma in 2012-2014, David had the opportunity to think about what he really wanted to do going forward. In 2015, he made some key decisions and set some big intentions to create the life he wanted to live and the work he wanted to do. By mid-2017, all those intentions were being delivered including providing a range of modes of delivery to help business owners & senior execs transform performance in their businesses and their lives. 

An amazing mentor told David in 2014, “…so, you’ve lost $10m of assets. Look at the 35 years of experience and knowledge you have that got you that $10m of assets in the first place. Just see it as a $10m education bill and get back on the horse”.  He took that advice and spent a couple of years creating his core program message and delivery methodologies. He went ‘back to school’ from 2015 and learnt what he needed to learn to be able to deliver his knowledge in a professional and smart way. He did a diploma in leadership coaching & mentoring to get the latest positive psychology tools and techniques to be able to coach & mentor. He did a CERT IV in Training & Assessment to learn how to structure, plan and deliver training programs. He completed the Centre for Sustainable Leadership Future Leaders program to get up-to-date on the latest leadership & sustainability thinking. He attended a number of retreats, meditation and positive thinking programs at the Brahma Kumaris spiritual retreat centre on the Mornington Peninsula. David also attended the Landmark Forum, Advanced course, Self Expression and Leadership Program and the Advanced Communications programs. David invested his time & effort in these courses and programs over a 2 year period to bring together the mix of delivery methodologies he now offers, which provide the knowledge in different ways to suit different learning styles, time availability to learn and grow and also budget. David has created a way to share his knowledge, skills, experience, and passion to engage communities and help people achieve ‘big hairy goals’. 

He’s living his dream. He’s doing what he believes he was put on the planet to do. Let him help you do the same.


David is based in Melbourne. Most services are offered as online service delivery which means clients can be in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, New York, San Fransisco, London, Manchester, Barbados or almost anywhere there’s an internet connection and the client speaks English. We can also arrange an interpreter if required. 

Workshops, which are face-to-face delivery, are being planned to be held around Australia through 2018 and they will be offered overseas at some point later in 2018. 

Mentoring & Coaching are offered online. 

Consulting will be mainly in Australia, mostly face-to-face, but we can work online and international assignments are possible for the right projects and the right clients. 

Online training programs are clearly, online.

Speaking engagements will mainly be face-to-face presentations but can also be arranged online.


Mentoring & Coaching programs are available on an ongoing basis. 

Online training and face-to-face workshops have planned dates. See website page for details.

Consulting & strategic advice assignments are by request. 

Speaking engagements are by request.