Business Evolution Network (B.E.N.)

Aiming to Raise $1m+ for Local Causes in 2018

Business Evolution Network (B.E.N.)

BN is a network of purpose-driven business owners, entrepreneurs, investors, Councilors, Council CEOs & Economic Development teams and Community Leaders working in harmony to support local causes and in so doing, encourage a shift in paradigm, a transformation indeed, about how businesses operate. 

David Carruthers founded BEN in 2017 to achieve 3 key objectives:-

  1. Support & raise money for worthy local causes across Australia. David wants to enrol at least 100 business owners for 2018, through Councils facilitating David sharing the knowledge and skills to do this. If each business raises the relatively low sum of $10,000 ($200/week) then BEN will raise $1m+ in 2018. That is the goal.
  2. To share the passion & joy David gained from using this business model himself for over a dozen years. The most enjoyable marketing strategy of all is one which allows your passions to connect with your business and your community. Giving (back) has such an amazingly positive impact on our very beings, our souls, our attitude and grattitude. 
  3. David has found that focusing his energy on creating a positive paradigm for the way we can run businesses is a better use of his time & energy than trying to fight the criminals & the corrupt who defrauded him of millions. He believes most people want to see business operate this way and he has the expereince, knowledge & skills to bring this vision to life. 

Meet “BEN”. He’s an existing private business owner. Ben has been in business for a while but he’s not really firing on all cylinders. He wants to give back to his community in some way but he’s not sure how to do that. He’s also pretty busy, he’s not really enjoying the life he wants right now and giving back is on the list of things to-do but nowhere near the top. 

David Carruthers has been a corporate CEO, Entrepreneur and Business Community Leader over the last 35 years and has first-hand experience how to create a purpose greater than profit alone and get customers, staff, suppliers and the community inspired by your business and what you’re doing. 

David founded BEN in 2017 to help create a network of business owners (investors & community leaders too) who want to create a different business paradigm in Australia, where having a clear purpose and giving back some of the success, time and wealth is seen as a positive thing and where greed and selfishness do not override good citizenship. 

To work effectively, BEN needs the support of Government at Local, State & Territory levels to facilitate the bringing together of business owners into workshop groups to learn the tools that will enable and empower them to increase their own profits, find a cause to support and raise money for, thereby creating a purpose to inspire their own employees, customers and suppliers and indeed other members of their own community. 

David is enrolling Council CEOs and State & Territory Small Business Ministers into supporting BEN in any way they can. Council CEOs can directly support by getting their economic development teams to book a BEN Workshop to get the project moving in their Council area. State, Territory & Federal Small Business Ministers can support in a multitude of ways and each one may be different.  

The one-day face-to-face workshop (or 3-week online training program) shows business owners & leaders how to grow their profit, create greater livability & happiness in life as well as supporting a local cause, which brings purpose to staff, customers, suppliers, communities and gives the owner a reason to get out of bed other than just making money. This is a shortened version of David’s 3-Day Workshop, which is designed to focus on sustainable profitability, livability and community engagement. 

When we work together we can achieve amazing outcomes. In 2018, if we get at least 100 businesses on board in 2017, we should be able to raise $1m for local causes (the accumulated value of all 100 businesses fundraising activities for their own local causes) and if we do that in 2018 and recruit more businesses into the BEN Network during 2018 then the potential to make this a ‘way of doing business’ is very real. A real paradigm shift. 

Imagine, business owners who are more successful, living happier lives, employees who are inspired by their employer supporting a local cause, customers who feel the love, Councils who are engaging businesses with communities and local causes that are getting supported by local business owners. Win-win-win-win-win-win! 

Contact us here if you are a Council CEO, Economic Development Team Member, Community Leader or Local Cause