Workshops & Programs To Choose From

One-day BEN workshop (only available through Councils & Business Associations)

Half-day workshop – “7 Steps to More Money, More Time & Making-A-Difference”

Larger businesses

  • Strategy Development Workshop
  • Performance Management Workshop 


Facilitating Strategic Development With Leadership Teams / Groups

David is available to facilitate board & senior management strategy development processes including:-

  • Vision Setting & Communication To Inspire Stakeholders
  • Values Identification & Introducing Them Into Day-To-Day Business Decisions
  • Strategy Development and focused effort in the right direction
  • Strategic Marketing Planning and winning more profitable customers 
  • Systemisation To Bring Consistency & Efficiency to business & life
  • Mindful Leadership To Reduce Stress & Build Trust & Loyalty
  • Community Engagement To Create A Purpose Greater Than Profit Alone
  • Making ‘Integrity’ A Behaviour Not Just A Word On Brochures

David is an experienced senior corporate leader & entrepreneur who has also represented business & tourism associations for many years and been heavily involved in his communities. He is a qualified and certified group coach, trainer & assessor with a mountain of real-life business anecdotes. 

7-Steps Approach to
Performance Transformation
in Business & Life

Reflect – What Brought You To This Point In Your Business & Life

Future – Get Clarity About The Life You Want

Set Business Goals To Deliver The Life You Want

Strategise To Create The Business Outcomes You Want

Systemise To Deliver The Results Without You

Develop Leadership In Your Business

Create A Performance Management Regime That Works


Business Transformation

Clarity of Vision & Values
Leadership Development
Bold Strategy
SMART Execution
Customer & Key People Centric
Purpose Driven

Life Transformation

Clear Life Goals
Ability To Prioritise
Time Management
Purpose Greater Than Profit
Ability To Inspire
Being Accountable To 
Loved Ones & Yourself