Facilitating & Group Workshops

Facilitating Strategic Development With Leadership Teams / Groups

David is available to facilitate board & senior management strategy development processes including:-

  • Vision Setting & Communication To Inspire Stakeholders
  • Values Identification & Introducing Them Into Day-To-Day Business Decisions
  • Strategy Development and focused effort in the right direction
  • Strategic Marketing Planning and winning more profitable customers 
  • Systemisation To Bring Consistency & Efficiency to business & life
  • Mindful Leadership To Reduce Stress & Build Trust & Loyalty
  • Community Engagement To Create A Purpose Greater Than Profit Alone
  • Making ‘Integrity’ A Behaviour Not Just A Word On Brochures

David is an experienced senior corporate leader & entrepreneur who has also represented business & tourism associations for many years and been heavily involved in his communities. He is a qualified and certified group coach, trainer & assessor with a mountain of real-life business anecdotes. 

7-Steps Approach to
Performance Transformation
in Business & Life

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Business Transformation

Clarity of Vision & Values
Leadership Development
Bold Strategy
SMART Execution
Customer & Key People Centric
Purpose Driven

Life Transformation

Clear Life Goals
Ability To Prioritise
Time Management
Purpose Greater Than Profit
Ability To Inspire
Being Accountable To 
Loved Ones & Yourself