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Performance Transformation
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1-on-1 Mentoring Program?

Our 1-on-1 Mentoring Program is designed to provide Business Owners and Senior Executives with support & guidance to achieve transformative, breakthrough results in business & life. David is a straight-talker who will help you be accountable for the changes you desire in business & life. Within 100 days you will approach your business/exec role differently, you will have clarity about what you want from life and you will be delivering transformative results, in the case of hospitality business owners, most owners will see approximately 20% revenue increases and 50%+ profit and business value increases. 

After a successful 16 year corporate career, latterly enjoying marketing director and CEO roles, David spent another 12 years as a business owner & entrepreneur. He is committed to helping you transform your business performance as well as your quality of life. Significant profit growth (achievement of big hairy goals) which makes your business more valuable too will be the outcome of this process. 

In the 1-on-1 mentoring program we focus on 4 critical areas:-

Strategy – create a vision which inspires, position your business, develop capability in your leadership team, set goals, deliver
Systems – putting in place the systems, processes, procedures required to free you to work on your business & live life
Performance – set in place a reporting and accountability process which allows you to get the very best from your team
Freedom to Live Life – did you go into business to work yourself into the grave? Unlikely…so do something to change that, now!

The 1-on-1 Mentoring Program includes the following:-

6 months personal mentor support from David Carruthers
8 mentoring sessions (4 fortnightly then 4 monthly)
R2 Strengths Assessment Tool & Analysis
Mentee support available during business hours
Regular communication of strategies, tools & trends
Access to regular performance transformation webinars


Whether you’re a C-Suite Exec or a Business Owner, we will walk this journey together on the Mentoring Program. David will be your guide over a 6 months period. With 8 mentoring sessions over the 6 months and support available during the entire 6 month period, during business hours, you will be encouraged to stretch yourself and you will be held accountable for the action you commit to taking. 

David will help you create a life plan as well as a business/career plan of action. Critically, he will help you combine these two plans so you choose to transform your life AND your business performance. 

David will only be working with 6-12 mentoring clients at any one time to ensure his full commitment to your transformation. 

To transform the performance of your business you may need to transform how you as the owner view and run your business and be really clear about your vision for your business. You may need to review your vision, strategy & systems and become accountable for delivering the level of performance you require to live the life you desire. David will help you free-up your time to work on your business more than you work in it. From that viewpoint, you’ll start to see opportunities that were invisible to you previously. With those opportunities identified, you can start to assess the ones you want to action and put in place strategies that enable your business to benefit and grow. With clear strategies in place, being effective and efficient is achieved through systemisation. Performance then follows. Really living life follows. Having a positive impact on the world around you often comes next. Is this starting to sound like something you’d like to achieve?

Just stop for one second now and think of three things you would do or do more of if you had an extra day to yourself each week? Spend more time with your partner, kids, friends, go fishing, whatever. What would you do with that extra day? What might you do with two days? Do you think you might be able to reduce your stress levels, get fitter & healthier and have more energy to spend time with those you love?

The fact you have checked out this website and you’re reading this sentence suggests you may already know you want/need some help to achieve something great. You might just need a little help to get you there. David can and will share your load and he can help you on your journey by finding paths through the forest to reach the destination you’re heading for and in some cases, he will even help you work out what and where that destination is. 

You can have a more successful business AND an amazing life. 

Book Your FREE Diagnostic & Consultation

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Book your complimentary introductory diagnostic & strategy session and together we will identify opportunities to transform your business performance and kick around what you might want from life. Doing the same thing tomorrow that you did yesterday will not move your forward. Einstein said the definition of insanity is doing something over and over again and expecting a different result…..

This introductory session will last approximately 45 minutes. The value to you is getting the opportunity to understand how to transform your performance in business and in life. What will this initial session unlock for you? Maybe the opportunity to make an additional $50k or $500k or by creating a vision, strategy, systems and performance level, you sell your (expanded) business in 2-3 years time for 2-3 times what it’s worth right now. Who knows the journey that awaits you. The journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step. Take your first step now and book your Introductory Strategy Session HERE.

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