Business Transformation Workshops

Group Coaching Business Transformation Workshops

My workshop will help you develop your business if you are you experiencing any one or more of these problems:-

  • You want to take your business to the next level but not sure what to do
  • You want to find more customers
  • You want to increase profitability
  • You want to increase revenue
  • You want to build customer loyalty
  • You want to improve staff morale
  • You want to improve your offer against your competition
  • You want to create a purpose that you and your staff can own and be inspired by
  • Your business is under-performing or you’ve experienced a consistent drop in performance
  • You want to connect with your community and give something back to those who support you
  • You want to sell your business and you want to get the best possible price
  • You started off well, but now you’re finding it hard to survive
  • You have worked in your business for a while and want to stand back but not sure how to do that

When you complete our group coaching workshop, you will walk away with your own 100-day business development masterplan which you can start to execute immediately. In fact, it’s highly likely you will wake up the morning after the course and be inspired to make things happen that will start your 100-day journey to optimise performance in your business, through strategising & systemising and starting to create the life you really want to be living.

You will learn HOW TO:-

  1. Understand the current financial PERFORMANCE of your business and what the OPPORTUNITIES for IMPROVEMENT are
  2. Understand how to POSITION your business in its marketplace to OPTIMISE PERFORMANCE
  3. Create a STRATEGY which DELIVERS your financial GOALS
  4. SYSTEMISE your business to free up your time to allow you TO LIVE YOUR LIFE as well as run your business
  5. Create a PURPOSE bigger than just PROFIT to INSPIRE you to CONNECT with COMMUNITY
  6. Learn how to set GOALS to give you the LIFE you DREAM of
  7. Create a 100-day PLAN during the workshop to ACHIEVE the ACTIONS you choose to be ACCOUNTABLE for

Workshop Format

  • One full day workshop
  • All course materials provided including 99-page masterplan workbook
  • FREE online access to tools for 100 days after workshop
  • FREE half hour mentoring session within 30 days to check your progress with your plan
  • Complimentary lunch, snacks, tea & coffee throughout the day
  • Designed for all learning styles: visual, auditory & kinesthetic
  • Group coaching/facilitation style which encourages participation and uses your own business examples

HOW TO book

This workshop is being delivered as ‘public workshops’ for individuals to attend or can be booked by Council / State / Federal Economic Development Teams, Industry, Business & Tourism Associations. David is also available as a keynote/guest speaker for conferences & networking events.

Public Group Coaching Workshops (see schedule)

  • Full day workshop $495 per person (excl GST)
  • Each additional attendee from the same business $395 per attendee
  • Schedule of locations & dates available here
  • Regular workshops held in Melbourne, Sydney & Brisbane.

Private Group Coaching Workshops (by arrangement)

  • Government Economic Development Teams coordinating workshops for their SME owners
  • Industry Associations
  • Chambers of Commerce & Business Associations
  • Tourism Associations
  • Franchisors seeking the generic or workshops customised to their needs
  • Larger Businesses booking their own workshop

Private workshop booked for up to 15 attendees, $4,995 per workshop & $333 per additional attendee (excl GST, travel & Accom expenses)
Available in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Canberra, Hobart, Perth/Freemantle, Newcastle, Townsville, New Zealand, Singapore

Customised workshops can be created for your business. Contact us here to discuss in more detail.

If the workshop format isn’t for you then you might benefit from:-

  • Becoming an online member and accessing a range of online tools, courses and checklists
  • Signing up to the 100-day Platinum Mentoring Program